Socnat and CHM …. What’s that?


Where it all started…

Founded on 23rd July 1950, on a 23 hectare site in the Gironde with direct access to the ocean, the Centre Hélio Marin (Sun and Sea Centre) at Montalivet was the brainchild of a fervent believer in the ideals of Vivre Nu, Albert Lecocq. CHM Montalivet can thus lay claim to being Europe’s oldest naturist holiday village. A great advocate, and keen practitioner, of sunbathing and physical activities enjoyed outdoors and unencumbered by clothes, this pioneering naturist soon felt compelled to share his revolutionary way of life with as many people as possible.

With an early intuition of the popular, historic success the movement would enjoy, and an ambition to live his life in total harmony with nature, Albert Lecocq rapidly came to realise the importance of creating and maintaining spaces dedicated to the pursuit of the naturist ideal. In 1954, after 4 years of chaotic voluntary organisation, Lecocq decided to create a permanent structure committed to the management and development of naturist holiday resorts: SOCNAT was born!

A range of dedicated services

A far cry from the amateur organisation and Spartan infrastructure of these early days, SOCNAT naturist campsites now offer a full array of top-of-the-range facilities and services, tailored to the fundamental values of naturism: water heated by solar power, rental accommodation built with respect for the environment, and of course waterparks, a diverse array of shops stocked with organic produce and a range of well-being facilities to help you relax and unwind.

Building on this success, SOCNAT has since expanded its portfolio of holiday resorts with the acquisition of 2 new campsites:

-         Naturist campsite Le Domaine de La Genèse at Méjannes-le-Clap, in the Gard département

-         Naturist campsite Le Clapotis located at La Palme in the Aude département.


3 idyllic holiday resorts offering holidaymakers the choice between three immaculately-preserved natural settings: ocean, lake or river.


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